Manufactory San Pancrazio

San Pancrazio Olio d‘oliva extra vergine d.o.p.

The olive mountains of San Pancrazio are located in southern Umbria at an altitude between 200m and 260m in the municipality of Amelia. The protected designation of origin DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta) refers to the area of Amerina, where a special blend of 3 olive varieties is traditionally grown: 65% Frantoio, 10% Moraiolo and 25% Leccino. The trees are between 60 and 400 years old. The olives are harvested by hand, cleaned and processed only by mechanical means, in an olive press. Each operation is personally supervised. Bottling and labelling are carried out in our Azienda Agricola. The taste is extremely mild, with barely any bitterness, it does not scratch the throat and is fruity, tasting of olives.

San Pancrazio jams

15 different varieties, all without pectin, come from fruits from the orchard of San Pancrazio. They also taste like the fruits that are used for the delicate jams in the San Pancrazio kitchen.

San Pancrazio boar sausage

The wild boars of San Pancrazio, who live in the oak forests and feed on its acorns, provide a savoury boar sausage, which, when soaked in olive oil, is simply irresistable.